Sunday, September 06, 2020

Back to School Sunday Tea

We had a "back-to-school Sunday tea" for the third year in a row and that is SOMETHING. It was exciting for everyone, except for Rosie, who woke up when it was almost finished. She's not going to school anyway, except walking and talking and being cute school. ;) 
It's funny because everyone is switching from school to homeschool and we have decided not to homeschool and Adelaide is going to first grade this year. (this was decided before Covid, by the way)
I got this idea for a "back-to-school feast" from the one and only Nie Nie ( We do a much simpler version which included an attempt at Smores Brownies today (no one complained, but I will just make regular brownies next time) and cold tea. We have crowns a la Nie Nie, but that's about it. 
I also include a "team building" challenge, inspired by Rosa Pich, in which the others suggest a habit for each member of the family to work on. For example, we suggested Davy make his bed in the morning and I pracice piano at night. I printed out a little chart where each person draws a symbol in a box and tries to keep it up for 50 days. 
Here they are with their german "schultutes". (I got this idea from Jessica at Shower of Roses). Cone-shaped present filled with school supplies. Were they disappointed all I was able to get them was a snickers bar and a rosary each? Poor kids, not at all! A huge, empty schultute! 
I was able to print out these same "favorites chart" pictures from the last two years! It was fun to look at them. And below are the "Smore brownies" which probably will not be on the repeat menu. 

Now that Adelaide is going to first grade, it is even more important to me to maintain and create family culture, traditions, identity and quality time. She is so excited about her first day. Davy and I will sure miss her. 

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