Friday, July 05, 2024

Life outside my home again


I've been really down these past three months. I was on crutches from April 4th-June 30th, did treatments for my wound (which is better, thanks!) and really wanted to keep my house organized and was frustranted with not being able to. I felt like I had nothing to look forward to in the future. 

Sunday we bought a basketball and played a little at cidade universitaria (video on IG) It was like the clouds parted. I was so happy to have fun with my kids. 

Daniel has some days off, so we're doing a "staycation". 

Sunday we went to the beach and I threw the ball back and forth with Tommy. It felt amazing. 

Thursday we played a tiny bit of tennis (above video) and they ate the icecream in the first pictures. My arms still remember how to play. My legs don't move as fast as I tell them to. It's a new game of stationary tennis. Dimas is riding his bike without training wheels in the last video (only on IG). I am proud to say I taught him, with the same method as Rosie and Tommy. 

Today we went to the beach and I got in the water and swam. (Davy challenged me to a swimming competition! 😂 obviously I lost) I can't remember the last time I got fully in the water. Probably ten years ago, before I had kids. 

I started thinking about it and other than religious retreats/congresses and hikes, my happiest memories are sporty. 

I am so lucky to be able to move in these ways again. I am so happy to be able to bond with my husband and kids in nature and sports. My injury and recent depression only made me value this more and be sure of what's important in life (hint: faith, love, freedom). 

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