Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Running in the rain

This morning I went running in the rain. I don't know if I've ever done that. At least not on purpose. It was really cool. It kept at a gentle sprinkle the whole time. When I got to the beach, I not only saw other people running in the rain but also old men playing soccer in the sand. And in the rain. Awesome.

On my way back I asked God to take my anger, seeing as I've been mad at my boyfriend since Sunday and it had only been getting worse. Anger is an issue I deal with a lot, especially in the last year. I realize it is something that just grows and grows, you can't get rid of it yourself. So I asked God to take it. The music I was listening to on my mp3 was telling me to "look up, there is more than you can see". So I looked up into the rain. I couldn't see anything.

Somehow, God did take my anger today. After talking, some laughter, some inspiration and yummy fish tacos, I feel a lot better. A lot more confident in God's love for me. That he is taking care of me and that things are happening for a reason, even though I can't see it right now. He really is working miracles in my life.

I feel a little lighter after being rained on! I feel so blessed to have God in my life. To have so many prayers answered lately. To be on a great adventure. I especially appreciate things turning out perfectly even though they aren't perfect. I feel happy to have someone so special in my life that I can talk to even when we don't understand each other. So open that he tries to understand me even though it's scary. So kind he wants to be with me regardless. So sweet he makes me smile.

I love this picture from my weekend retreat.
A miracle smiling at me. :)
Have you heard of the Duggar Family? I am inspired by them.
And are you a good person? Watch this video!

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