Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waking up to rain

Before Christmas, I was getting pretty good at keeping up a routine of waking up early and running every morning. I read this article and started putting my alarm clock outside my bedroom with my running clothes right next to it.

But then I discovered I could just let it ring, eventually it would stop and I could keep sleeping. There went the running. I haven't been waking up early or running regulary since Christmas. And there is no better way to start your day and really REST than waking up before the sun is up and running, let me tell you! I prayed about it for a while and then I figured out I could program my alarm clock to go off every minute during 10 minutes. And I got up to go running today!

I navigated my way through puddles...

And finally got to the gloomy, cloudy, windy beach...

The forecast predicted it would rain EVERY SINGLE day this week. And it has. Today it thundered, rained and the wind blew so strong my third-grade students yelled, "it's a tornado, it's a tornado!!!" with real fear.

It's definitely how I feel inside. What is with this winter, anyway? Is there any hope of spring? My only hope is that this rain might be to make my heart a garden...

"You walk with me, you never leave, you're making my heart a garden":

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