Tuesday, May 17, 2011


More than the "big things" that have been happening in my life lately (a last-minute weekend plane trip, etc.) I am most thankful for the little moments of tenderness... "carinho".
  • for being mad and thinking it wasn't going to go away, then feeling a reassuring hand reach back and touch my leg in the car
  • sleeping on his shoulder on the plane

  • sitting in the park with my feet in the grass and head on a friend's shoulder
  • cranberry-rasberry juice
  • bedtime stories
  • dancing to Taize songs
  • a few surprisingly eager hugs and glances from boyfriend's friends at the end of a wedding
  • realizing that being called to abstain from sex is a call to love in other ways (Theology of the Body) and that might even mean physically: learning to hold hands, play footsies, touch non-sexually, etc.
  • God constantly interrupting my long to-do lists
  • yummy food in my tummy, from places I wasn't even expecting to get meals from
At a baptism last Sunday,
love the yellow cups
  • midnight phone calls and practicing vulnerability
  • hearing, "I feel better"
  • friendship
  • permission to be free and dance
You have been hurt by women. I could see the pain in your eyes… And I’ve never done this before but… I feel prompted to make you a promise of friendship.” I promise I will never speak an unkind word to or about you. I will never be jealous of you. I will never compete with you. I will never abandon or betray you. I will love you. I will pray for you. I will do all I can to help you go far and wide in the Kingdom. I will accept you as you are, always. I will be loyal to you. Before our loving God of grace, you have my words and my heart in friendship for this life and forever with Him.”

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