Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Le France

I went to France this weekend to hobnob with fancy Americans on a cruise. "Exciting" things happened: I gave a three-minute speech that unfortunately consumed way too much of my worry and thought, I met interesting people with interesting stories, toured a huge castle from the seventh century, I pondered the American and Portuguese cultural differences and the pros and cons of each, etc.

Mont Saint-Michel, fancy castle in Normandy
Ballerina on a moving piano at the Eiffel Tower
(ze French are a bit strange sometimes...)

Yet the "exciting" things weren't really that exciting. The three of us that went were kind of sad and smooched our own arms while missing our loved ones at the Eiffel Tower. We got yelled at by a french waitress when trying to order food and I felt like crying. We didn't really feel like site seeing and just left early to go to the house we would be staying at. The whole reason of the trip, my three-minute speech, wasn't bad and wasn't remarkable. It just was. The hobnobbing was pretty overwhelming.

The truly exciting thing was the brotherhood and communion with the two friends I went with. The jokes, the silliness, the heart-to-heart talks. Being able to be myself and TRULY feel loved FOR that. The small moments and the meals. The movie on the flight back making me cry like a baby and that being okay.
The best part of the trip: the people
2nd best part: a french family generously offering their house
for us to stay at and the simple dinner and breakfast on their patio
Love the heart-shaped cheese


  1. Alex, thank you so much for your oh so kind words. First so cool to know someone is out there reading my nonsense and second amazing that you are inspired! Thanks for sharing, I also gripe and moan and have endless un-done to-do lists! These past days especially I've been really down in the dumps so your words really mean a lot!
    I appreciate you! :)

  2. Hi Julie! My name is Cath, I'm from the Australian Neocatechumenal communities. Looks like you had an awesome time in Paris! I'm writing as I'm going to be in Paris in a few weeks, and was wondering if I could get in contact with you- I'm very keenly trying to find accomodation with a family, if possible, of the communities for 10 days or so... I am not sure if my emails aren't getting through, but no responses so far :( would you kindly be able to help me making contact somehow? If you can't get back to me through this comment, I'll pass you on my email :) Peace be with You! Catherine.

  3. Hi Cath! Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to help you. I went to France for just two days and didn't go with anyone from the communities. I went with an organization called Young life and stayed with someone connected to that. And Portugal is still quite a ways from France so I think I would just be able to go about investigating the way your are. Even so, my email is martajuliemaria@gmail.com if you still want to write. Peace be with you and with your spirit! ;)