Thursday, June 09, 2011

To heaven and back for the weekend

I have been on the verge of a mental breakdown due to impatience and confusion for the last few days. Still fundraising. Still waiting for God to be a little clearer on what I should do... keep waiting, Lord? Still running from place to place, never feeling like I really have free time or focusing enough on relationships I really want to focus on.

And speaking of relationships... meanwhile, I get this out-of-this-world (aka HEAVENLY) opportunity to listen to amazing people talk about the most amazing teaching EVER on life and love... Theology of the Body. Am I living this in my life, I wonder?

Some of my favorite things I learned:
  • If you choose power as a goal, mechanics will take first place (Spe Salvi on Bacon)
  • Beauty of another person is help in guarding purity (like guards in museum)
  • Purity/impurity is in the appetite, not the vision
  • Body is sign of our vocation for communion by its very physiology (other-orientedness), sexual desire and fertility (only possible in communion with another)
  • I may give of my time and talents to other men/women, but fertility is something I only give my spouse
  • A child is a gift, shouldn't be appropriated but received; even the fact that fertilization happens after the sexual act points to this
  • St. Augustine: the law was given so that grace might be sought and grace was given so that the law might be fulfilled
  • Christ is in the struggle, we don't have to get over it to encounter Him
  • 2 in 5 couples will have issue with infertility because of hormonal contraception
  • St. John Vianney: artists and saints will save the world (art, music and beauty bypass reason and go straight to our hearts...)

And OMG yes I got to meet
I got to talk to
I got to take a picture with
I got to TOUCH
I got to COMMUNE with Christopher West!!!
Like actually accidentally sit behind him in the chapel and observe what he ate for breakfast and such. Stalkerish? He is awesome.

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