Friday, June 17, 2011

Spiritual mess

The beach this morning

This morning I talked to my kind-of spiritual director I talk to every now and then. Actually, she used to be my boyfriend's spiritual director, then ours as a couple and then I totally stole her. But since he's so kindhearted, he understands. ;) I'm just a spiritual mess and need extra help!

It's been a hard year for me and my the "construction" of my house has falling down. It was good to hear that from someone else. I've had crises in my job, relationship and just about everything this year. Yet even when everything fails, falls around us and we don't know where to go, that can be exactly where the Lord wants to meet us. It can be a call from the Spirit. So I'm going to find a place to try to stop, find silence, quiet my turbulence of emotions inside so I can build back up with God. Even though I need an answer NOW...

Meanwhile, this video called "29 ways to stay creative" was on the blog Today's Letters today (see sidebar).
I desperately need to practice, practice, practice at:
#4 Get away from the computer
#5 Quit beating yourself up
#16 Allow yourself to make mistakes
#28 Have fun
I've already started:
#2 Carry a notebook everywhere (have to buy a new one!)
#8 Drink coffee
#19 Get lots of rest (got over 8 hours last night! :D)
#27 Clean your workspace (see below)
... and you?
Happy weekend!