Thursday, June 16, 2011

To make a true gift of my time

I had this sudden realization today that the way I've been managing the relationships in my life and my time isn't good. I used to think it's generous to give of your time to others, especially if you're single, and that too much time alone is selfish.

Then today I thought of all the people in my life that know how to say no and all the people I don't think know how to say no and thought of their priorities. I wanted to be like the people that say no a lot. And I realized that my time is a part of me, and I can't really make a gift of it unless I know how to protect it. A girl that gives her body to guys so that they'll love her isn't making a gift of herself, she's looking to please them and wanting their emotional attention. So why is giving my time to every person I've ever met, not because I want to, but because I am trying to please them all, much different? And I realized it's not selfish to spend time alone... in nature, with the Lord, doing creative things... as long as it's not an escape. Actually, I think it can help me to be more social. More social for real and deep relationships, not just running around, trying to schedule with everyone and their grandma.

Reminded me of this link: Steps to Better Boundaries

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