Thursday, August 04, 2011

My mom in Amélie

If my mom were in the movie Amélie, one of the ways she would be described would be as "loves the ends of bread". She makes bread (a custom recipe) in her bread machine every few days and it's her favorite day. Then her and my dad fight over the ends of the bread (the first and last loaf you cut, with the most crust). Every time I come to visit, she asks me without fail (she forgets every time), "do you like the end of the bread?" Almost reluctantly, as if she's scared of the answer. Then when I invariably answer "no, you've asked me that before" she lets out a little squeal and says "ooh good!"
When our cleaning lady comes, my mom usually gives her a loaf of fresh bread... but never the ends. Apparently this lady has accidentally (or not so accidentally... we're not sure) taken the bread end on occasion so now my mom very carefully hides the bread ends when she comes.
She likes to eat them for dinner with a cup of soymilk with cereal mixture, which tastes like coffee. She says her mom used to have bread and coffee for dinner everyday and she used to tell her, "mom, that's not enough for dinner". But now she's adopting many of the same habits her mom used to have. 

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