Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday podcast

There's a podcast about the upcoming Sunday readings that I occasionally listen to, but wish I'd listen to more regularly because it's really great. It's done by a guy named Mark Hart, nicknamed the Bible Geek... he studies theology and is kind of like who I want to be when I grow up. ;) Here's the link for this Sunday:

My favorite things about this Sunday's readings:
  • God reveals himself in ways we aren't expecting (from the first reading).
  • A Jew in that time period would know that God can tread on waves from Job 9 and Habakkuk 3 and that He stills the storms from the Psalms, so he would be looking for that in a Messiah.
  • The disciples (in the Gospel reading) were probably hauling water out of the boat and fighting the storm for 6 or 8 hours when Jesus showed up, and it was between 3-6 a.m.
  • When Jesus tells S. Peter, "oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?" he didn't mean it in a humiliating way but as a way of encouragement. Peter was the bravest, he's the only one to even get out of the boat and Jesus tells him "keep going, I AM!" - Very encouraging to me, also, because when I read this it seemed so harsh. I identify a lot with Peter, headstrong and active in my faith (not receptive enough like Mary), and also feel like I'm sinking after trying to get out of the boat... so it's comforting to hear Jesus NOT be harsh with me and want to encourage me. ;) 
Happy weekend!

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