Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Somos la juventud del papa!

Got back from World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. My favorite comment was one I heard on the bus from an American lady who said, "Being with all these people from all around the world, all united and praying together, makes me think that must be a little what heaven is like."

I went with mi novio and it was very special for us. It was the first time we had taken a trip, just us, not to visit family. Well, in this case it actually was family, just not blood-related. It was a great time for us an for our discernment!

The youth group I started three and a half years ago Lifeteen Portugal, met it's founders... the real Lifeteen! We were interviewed for a video they did, which will show up soon on their site. Can't wait!  

Lifeteen Portugal with the president of Lifeteen, Randy Raus!
I told him, "you're like a celebrity for me". He just laughed.


Us singing and posing for the camera. See me in the back?

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  1. As fotos do LifeTeen estão mesmo espectaculares :)