Friday, September 23, 2011

Changing out of love

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Get ready to rumble!

Thoughts I most liked about this week's Sunday readings:
  • Just because you call your father "sir" doesn't mean you respect him. Because your disobedience shows disrespect. You have to understand, in the Mediterranean culture, in the time of Jesus, defiance/disrespect/disobedience is one of the worst things you can do. It's one of the worst of the worst things a child can be accused of, it's just absolutely terrible.
  • Taxcollectors and prostitutes are the very, very, very bottom of society's rung.
  • Even if they [tax collectors and prostitutes] initially rebelled, when they heard the message of John the Baptist they changed. Just like the first son in the story: just because he initially rebelled, he ended up changing for the right reason, out of love for the father, out of respect for the father.
  • The way that we live in pursuit of God is called virtue... this is how a man and a woman become who they were designed to be.
  • "Become who you are" - John Paul II

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