Monday, September 26, 2011


This weekend I ran a marathon... well I can't really say it was a marathon (as my attentive American friends pointed out :P) because it was just about 6 km/4 miles. But it was pretty tiring nonetheless! It was a "mini-marathon" on one of the Lisbon's bridges. There are two really popular marathons in Lisbon, one on this bridge always around October and one on this bridge around April. This is the third or fourth mini-marathon my BF and I have gone to together. <3

It was awesome. Awesome to go there on public transportation with thousands of others also on their way. We could ride free because of having signed up for the marathon, so when we got to the metro and no one was there to let us pass all the marathon runners jumped the gate together. It was rebellious. ;) It was awesome to be out running on a bridge with thousands of other people running in front and behind me, wearing a t-shirt just like mine. And it was especially awesome to have icecream and sports drinks waiting for me at the end!

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