Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coaches and culture

My sister's friends came to visit... they're REALLY, super nice!

And even though I wasn't able to hang out with them as much as I would've liked, it's always great to have visitors and show them around the beautiful country of Portugal. It makes me realize everytime what an amazing place I live in and how very little I take advantage of it.

I got to go to two museums I had never been to: the museum of ancient art and the museum of coaches. Really, who ever knew there were such beautiful, ornate coaches still around! It is crazy to think people actually rode in them hundreds of years ago.

My favorite coach... maybe for Christmas?

Coaches for kids... and I thought now they're spoiled

"The Princesses Coach"... and my favorite story:
"18th century. Used during the 'Princesses Exchange' ceremony on the border between Portugal and Spain. During this ceremony, Princess Maria Barbara left Portugal to marry the king of Spain, Fernando VI, and welcomed the Spanish Princess Mariana Vitoria to marry the king of Portugal, Jose I.

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