Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A journey in writing

This last year has definitely been a journey, perhaps the year in which I most grew in my life! It all started last summer, when I decided to quit my job and go for something I wanted. Then, throughout the year, I realized a lot of things, mainly: it's not about what I want... I'll just get lost in the process... it's about what God wants. I just wrote a post for a great new site a little about this journey:

And it's a black-and-white contrast to a post I wrote last year, right before quitting my job (in Portuguese):

The main difference? Last year I wrote from a place of resentment/anger and this year I write from a place of peace. I kind of take back what I wrote last year. But then again, maybe I'll take back what I'm writing this year in a year. I'm still on a journey! :)

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