Friday, September 09, 2011


Today I washed the four rugs I have in my house by hand. It was awesome. There is this huge pool in the town center, two minutes away from my house, where people used to wash their clothes a long time ago. I think mainly gypsies use it now, but everytime I walk past it I think of when I'm going to get up the courage to use it.

Today was that day! I bought the most traditional soap that everyone in Portugal swears by, blue and white soap, took my rugs, scrubbed and dipped. A little girl came and stared at me. It was kind of like the picture below (a pool that size with running water):

I'd like to embrace the lifestyle of poverty. The more I learn to live with less, the more I appreciate things and reuse things. Before, anytime anything was dirty and I didn't know how to clean it, I'd throw it out and buy a new one. Now, I'm learning to value more the things I have and take better care of them.

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