Sunday, September 11, 2011


24th Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! in Ordinary Time:

My favorite parts:
  • To err is human, to forgive divine.
  • How far are we willing to go when we love other people?
  • In our life we don't trust God, but we want to trust him with our death. We're going to kind of play this game with God: We don't fully trust him, we don't fully give him our hearts, we don't fully surrender or fully try to love like him, but then we expect he is going to deliver us in our deaths.
  • Can I say that that's really how we go about our day: if you live, you live for the Lord. And when we die those little deaths, we die for the Lord, until we ultimately die our final death.
  • When we hurt others, we're really only hurting ourselves in the process.
  • Thank God that He is kinder than we are... always merciful not just when He feels like it.
  • That's what the cross means: to love until it hurts and to go even further.

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