Monday, September 12, 2011

LifeTeen at World Youth Day

LifeTeen interviewed and took photos of me and my youth group at World Youth Day and the video is finally out today! Unfortunately, they didn't use any of MY great interview material ;) but fortunately they did get someone from Portugal... and he's really great! It's our teen named Ze and he's at 4:07, then we're all pictured yelling and jumping. The video is cool too, with or without us in it. ;)

And some pictures:


  1. O daniel está tão feliz ahah

  2. Pois e, estamos lindos! ;) Nem tinha reparado no Daniel ate dizeres. E tambem ha um senhor atras na ultima foto! Gosto muito da entrevista do Ze...

  3. Sim, estava nervoso, nota-se :)
    É tão engraçado a falar, a expressar-se =)
    Está mesmo giro

  4. *Quanto ao daniel era no video :P