Friday, October 07, 2011

Parable of the Feast

Do you put on your Sunday best for God?

Listen to this week's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Podcast:

Some of my favorite thoughts:
  • This is not just a regular invitation to a regular wedding, this is a royal invitation to a royal wedding... It's a validation of your worth, how important you are.
  • Okay, this turned very bad very quickly. It was supposed to be this great celebration and all of a sudden it turned into bloodshed because of the way people responded.
  • The king desires you to be in attendance with his son... it's a celebration of family. He wants your family to be in relationship and to encounter his family. This is set against the wedding feast and as we know every single mass is a sacrifice but it's also a wedding, it's where heaven and earth collide. There are so many things going on here.
  • We know from Revelation that the white garment you wear is an outer garment that is symbolic of your righteous deeds, if you're in a worthy state, if you're in a state of grace, if you're worthy to be there.
  • How many of us don't even take the time to wash up through the Sacrament of Reconciliation before we head to mass on Sunday? If we looked at the mass as this royal wedding invitation, this VIP invitation into intimacy with God, couldn't we take more seriously the opportunity to get to confession before mass...?
  • Christ's cross makes us worthy, but we still have the opportunity to reject the invitation, to reject putting on our Sunday best... He gives us the invitation in our Baptism, our Confirmation but OUR LIFE is our RSVP.
  • Not only does he give us what we want, more than we deserve, but he gives us what we need. He doesn't hold back. But we do.

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