Friday, February 03, 2012

Conclusions about weakness

I'm only posting once this week, pretty far off from my ideal of every weekday. This week didn't go as planned, it was a lot more worried/busy and less peaceful than last week. That's okay though, things don't usually go as I plan and that's a good thing. They are usually far from ideal. I've been realizing some things these past few weeks:
  • I have a lot of problems. Emotional and psychological problems that prevent me from living my life as fully and happily as I'd like, and probably as God would like. This might seem basic, but it has been hard for me to come to the realization that I have just as many problems as the people I think who "have a lot of problems".
  • When I forget I have problems, God will remind me.
  • The game of Catholicism/life gets harder as you go progress, like any good game (as Marc Barnes from Bad Catholic puts it so well here).
  • Other people know I'm not perfect and like me anyway.
  • God knows I have problems. He was counting on it. He created me anyway and gives me all the gifts/responsibilities I have anyway.
  • I'm the one that can't stand admitting I have problems... I have lots of pride.
  • God is curing and helping me along, but it's a life-long process.
  • My problems help me connect with other people that have problems.

Christopher West has a new book out! It's already on the way to my house. You can watch an two video interviews with him about it here:
I love what he said about why he took his year-long sabbatical. He says teachers/apologists tend to think they have something really remarkable to offer, but in fact, as St. Paul says, all we have to offer is our weakness. He says he has been reflecting on his own poverty. They were really words of hope for me, especially after coming to the conclusions above. I've been confronting and trying to accept my own poverty/weakness, because that's really all I have to offer.

My basil and cabbage flower trying to survive the winter
and my lack of knowledge on how often to water them
Being Portuguese and making soup

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