Monday, February 06, 2012

Full gallop

That's me riding on a beautiful horse named Nesga ("little piece") this weekend! My friend was nice enough to invite me to go with her and we took a ride around the riding school. How do I ride horses and still manage to complain about my life? I manage somehow. I am coming to the conclusion I'm really spoiled. Then we went to a cafe with a beautiful ocean view and latin music. I felt like I was on a trip somewhere tropical. Finally, I went to a birthday dinner at a factory-turned-restaurante called Lx Factory in Lisbon which had a brick oven in the middle of the room and lots of rustic decoration. Even though it sounds like a dream weekend, it was pretty crazy and busy. From now on, I'd like to make my plans and time more meaningful, intentional and s...l...o...w. That's the moral of the story of my weekend.  

"In art there are neither mistakes nor touch-ups,
the beauty is in the artist."

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