Monday, July 30, 2012

Fado and Theology

The same group from Orchestras and icecream, plus a few like my sister, had the privilege... the utmost privilege, it really is.. of watching my friend (and theology colleague) Catia sing fado. She not only sings fado and is a fado enthusiast, but she wrote her thesis on fado and theology! So in honor of the fado singer and theologians present, I made a quiche that says "Fado e Teologia. Viva!" (Fado and Theology. Long live/yippee!) for our potluck dinner beforehand. My friend Sofia made a delicious avocado and basil salad. We packed into the tiny Tasca do Chico (amateur fado bar) and had the pleasure of watching Catia perform. 


  1. I'm grateful to have blundered into your blog, and this post especially, since fado was one of the forces that brought me back to the church. I was helpless after hearing Amalia Rodrigues sing 'Job', and 'Raizes' and 'Triste Sina' among others. The yearning in her voice (and in those of other skilled fadistas) seems fundamentally Christian to me, even if the stated object happens to be a husband or lover at sea, rather than Christ.

    1. Wow, that is so awesome that the beauty of fado touched you in that way. I also love Amália. Yes, the yearning and the love they speak about, sometimes unrequited, is so Christian, I also agree.