Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A house tour in downtown Lisbon

As if my friend Dora weren't awesome enough (studying theology without a "career path" in mind, being the embodiment of simplicity, etc.), her (and her husband's) house is just as awesome as she is. It was so awesome I had to share it with someone. These are the reasons I have a blog... because some people's houses are so awesome you just have to publish them on the world wide web. Just kidding, kind of. She also blogs here, the link is on my blog list to the left.

Of course they had to live in a place you can't get to by car. It would just be too commonplace if you could. ;) So you have a lovely traditional Lisbon tram that takes you up...

And then some lovely steps with a lovely view...

You're in downtown Lisbon but you can see GREEN (!) from the living room and kitchen. It's amazing. 

Their style is definitely minimalistic, and it's modern but antique at the same time. 

There is very minimal decoration, but it's all thoughtful and simple. It's simple without feeling bare. Here is an empty rum bottle that says "RUM". And my friend and theology colleague Paulo in the back. 

A view of the city from the balcony. 

The best part of the house: a piano, millions of books/CDs and a bike her husband takes to work. An office in the back. 

Simple details that are functional, not only decorative, like this crucifix on the nightstand. 

A blue dresser with a handmade bowl on top, a present from a friend. 

An adorable blue stool in the kitchen...

Even the bathroom was kind of cool...

And it had a connecting window to the living room...

The end. 

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