Thursday, July 05, 2012

Gifts galore

I got a birthday card in the mail yesterday. Thank you Ginny and Harrison family! 
I am SO lucky to regularly get little surprises in the mail. I leave the card out in my living room and it brightens up the whole week. 
No really, YOU are a blessing and a joy! 

I have also been admiring my kitchen window full of... orchids! My boyfriend's mom gave me a second orchid for my birthday, this one is purple. She has been introduced to orchid number one and they are getting along just fine. Orchid number one must take steroids at night while I'm not looking because not only does she bud and bloom non-stop, but she sometimes tips over because she can't support her own weight! Crazy orchids. Aren't they beautiful?

Finally, my incredibly nice landlady has been offering me plums this week from her tree. I love plums. They're such great summer fruit. I especially love plums that are from people's trees and even more if they're gifts. 

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