Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Birthday America

A few reasons I'm proud to be an American today...

  • I had the happiest, most fulfilling childhood and adolescence there, full of sleepovers, trick-or-treating and rollerblading with neighbors.
  • I am the way I am largely due to the place I grew up in... I don't think I would've developed my individuality and personality as well if I'd grown up in Portugal (sorry Portugal...). 
  • Americans are super creative. Luckily, I can understand American movies, music and culture really well.
  • Luckily, I am also creative and that's largely due to the weekly piano lessons, extracurricular activities and value placed on creativity while growing up.  
  • Americans are really good at sports. And sports are valued as good for your health, good for friendship and good for learning about life. Luckily, I'm also athletic and appreciate sports (also due to playing sports while growing up). 
  • We have the best constitution ever, and the shortest and simplest too.
  • It's a place where people really do stand up for what they believe in, start revolutions and change mentalities. 
  • Greeting cards. Homemade cookies. Gratitude. Welcomes. Customer Service. General friendliness. 
  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: I think people really work toward protecting life, really understand what freedom entails and really do try to pursue happiness. And for the most part they understand the role of the government... it's there to protect you, it's not responsible for your happiness. 
  • "I woke up in America for the love of God. I woke up in America for something bigger than myself..." (from "I Woke Up In America" by Matt Maher, see below)

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