Monday, July 23, 2012


Daniel and I went on our first bus trip with our folclore dancing group this weekend. We went to Nazaré, a fishing village with a lot of history and nowadays, a lot of beach and tourism. We had time to eat a chocolate-filled churro, enjoy some wind and talk to actual fisherwomen (?). Daniel's audacity to talk to strangers is one thing I would never do on my own, but which really makes my life more interesting! We learned you can eat raw fish that has been dried (he tried some!), that her skin is very damaged from the sun and that she also used to be in a folclore dancing group! Wow, to have something in common with a 70 or 80 year old fishing village lady is really something.

The picture that follow are of a statue called "Mother from Nazaré", a wife watching her fisherman husband leave (how sad!); graffiti; warming up; us :); the oldest member of the folclore group, and the only person who has real, gold jewelry (and all hers!); our sign. Sorry about the blurry ones!

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