Friday, July 20, 2012

Translating in the jungle

Other than being surprised everyday anew at how amazing and loving my BF Daniel really is (see cute picture below of him playing catch with a wine bottle cork with his godson), I've been staying home a lot and trying to finish translating my 100 pages of thesis into English... for it to possibly be digitally published! Tranlating takes a loooooooong time, but it's all very exciting. 

My basil came inside this week because there were workers getting things dirty outside while working on the roof. Together with my orchids which seem to be taking steroids, my kitchen seemed like the Brazilian amazon. At least that's what Daniel said and I thought it was funny. 

All the books I ordered came at once in the mail... I love getting new books in the mail. Feels just like Christmas. The first recipe I tried from my new Asian cookbook my sister gave me for my birthday turned out... pretty good! And I copied my friend Vanessa's quiche again, this time it got a little burned around the edges. But still delicious...

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