Monday, October 15, 2012

A few reasons why "I'm gonna marry that good hearted man"...

I don't think love is entirely logical (just somewhat), nor can it be confined to a few reasons. But I just have to share a little about why I think about this man 24 hours a day. I've made a lot of wrong decisions in the past, but these are a few reasons why our wedding next summer will be a eyes-wide-open YES! YES! decision for me. 

1. He is a "good hearted man". I won't go on and on about his qualities, but they are never-ending. 
2. God put him in my path... quite literally. We met in church when he asked me about a Bible study I was helping out with. Then I invited him to the youth group.
3. Our relationship is getting better over time (not worse), we are handling disagreements well and I can't imagine life without him. 
4. When we were experiencing a lot of difficulties in our relationship 1 year and a half ago, he not only was open to receiving help but actively sought it out with me. I think that's not only a sign of great humility, but of health as a person and for our relationship. 
5. He has made and continues to make a lot of sacrifices for me. He is willing to listen, to change and to wait for me. 
6. He treats his mom really well. In my opinion too well (!)... but don't they say you should look at how a man treats his mom? ;)
7. I just can't imagine a more beautiful human being, inside and out. He is different from and better than any dream man I could have imagined in my little head. When I am with him, I feel at home.   

(Pictures of us in downtown Lisbon...)

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