Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Faith Manifesto
 | October 16, 2012 AD Reply
This month marks the beginning of the Year of Faith, which has gotten me to think… do I really have faith? If I lived at the time of Jesus, would I really touch Him, approach Him and talk to Him with faith? I came across an interesting footnote to Lk 23:6-12 (The New American Bible, 1987), when Jesus is before Herod. It says,
“The appearance of Jesus before Herod is found only in this gospel. Herod has been an important figure in Lk (9,7-9; 13,31-33) and has been presented as someone who has been curious about Jesus for a long time. His curiosity goes unrewarded. It is faith in Jesus, not curiosity, that is rewarded (7,50; 8,48.50; 17,19).”
Do I really believe? … or am I just curious, like Herod?

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