Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A hidden chapel

Last week, I was very upset about the train I usually take to work being on strike (for about the fifty-millionth time this year). 
The bad part (VERY bad part): I had to get up an hour earlier (5:30 to catch the only train available). 
The good part: with my extra time (getting to work an hour earlier) I found a place I had been wanting to see for some time: a Schoenstatt chapel. 

It's right behind a residential house and I was so surprised to find the gate open when I pushed it and the little chapel with its lights on at 7:30 in the morning. It was so surprising and comforting to see that in the places where I least expect it, there is something really amazing and providential happening. In the middle of a residential neighborhood, so close to my work... something that if you didn't look for it you wouldn't find it! I realized, after having found this hidden place of prayer and holiness last week, that... 

anything that is great and important to God is small and hidden in the world. 

Schoenstatt's unity cross: "It depicts the Virgin Mary - the 'woman' at the foot of the cross - as an icon of the Church and humanity, receiving the blood of the crucified Christ in a chalice. It is the moment of the mystical, spousal union of the New Adam and the New Eve (see pp. 120-123 for a discussion of this mystery)." - p. 271 of Christopher West's book, At the Heart of the Gospel

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