Monday, October 08, 2012

Ourem for the weekend

A weekend I have been dreading for a long time turned out to be... quite alright, surprisingly. Daniel and I went to Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mor in Ourem (near Fatima) with his friends from college. They have an annual get-together in different places. This place was beautiful and had lots of things to do. Other than stuff our faces with good food, we rode bikes (until Daniel's tire got a hole), he swam in the pool and went go-karting with his friends. The girls were girly (myself included) and just watched while the boys drove their karts around in circles and got really competitive and aggressive. 

I think I finally learned to value his friends, even though they are different from me and different from what I used to think would be "good" for Daniel. Life really is so out of our control... and I'm glad it is. I'm glad it's difficult/uphill yet surprising and better than I could imagine. 

“No friendship is an accident. ” 

This house has always been Christian (sign on left); This house has always been monarchist (sign on right)
Riding bikes...
Daniel and his friends competing in go-karts (he's the one in the middle...)
...Vroom! There he goes...

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