Wednesday, October 01, 2014

DIY No-Sew Diaper Changing Pad Cover

We have been spending a lot of money on pretty things for the baby. So I tried making my own DIY changing pad cover with fabric from Ikea and guess what... it worked! And everyone compliments it when they come over. Plus, I don't know how to sew... not even a button... so this is super easy.
Step 1:
Cut your fabric in a 80x120 cm rectangle. Then cut about 15x15 cm boxes of  each corner.

Step 2:
Bind the ends of the square together using the strips you iron on and glue fabric together with.
Place on edge...

Fold over...

(This is what I used)

Iron back and forth and voilá...

Repeat with all corners...
Step 3:
Bind all four sides down. Fold over a side and place the fabric tape along the edge, then iron back and forth again. Make sure to leave enough space to run elastic through next.

Step 4:
Using any type of elastic string you have (I just had this one), tie it firmly to the edge of a pin and then thread it through the entire edge of the cover.

That's it! Look how wonderfully it blends in with my couch...

And I made another one to switch with when I wash them.

Ah. Much better...

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