Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hiking trails and backyards

There is this place in Lisbon that my husband (at the time fiancee) and I happened to stumble upon a few years ago. It is a little neighborhood in the middle of Lisbon's forest. It is my DREAM to live there. Unfortunately houses are not for sale or rent. And that little neighborhood is social housing and belongs to the state. Bummer.
So we continue to live in our overpriced 6th-storey apartment that overlooks a highway and I sometimes go to the other place to hike the wonderful hiking trails. Can you imagine having this as your backyard?

Unfortunately, God doesn't seem to be answering prayers the way I WANT Him to. (Imagine that?) Yesterday I heard a little video of Scott Hahn saying, do you pray to change God's mind? I confess, I do. What a struggle.

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