Friday, March 06, 2015

If I don't have time, maybe I'm doing the wrong things.

I am constantly writing and rewriting lists of priorities and schedules for myself. Constantly getting frustrated about not getting everything done. I've come to the recent conclusion that maybe the things I get done and barely get done are ENOUGH. Time and space are limits, we are limited beings and I need to rest in the fact that I cannot bend time and time isn't even mine... it was given to me. Maybe I can't get to that craft, theme party or play date for the baby because God doesn't want me to. If I were worried instead about doing what God wants with my time, I'm sure he would give me enough time for those things.

I really like Jennifer Fulwiler's post about Mother Teresa's schedule and how she rests. She has peace at the end of the day, knowing what I got done, I got done.

So if I start my day with prayer no matter what and am just able to get "basic" things done like food, bathing the baby, doing a little exercise... maybe that's okay. And relaxing with my husband at the end of the day and going to bed early is more important than staying up to finish something on my to do list. What I got done, I got done.

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