Thursday, March 12, 2015

We're not taking the time to nurture friendships and community

This part of what Emily Stimpson says on the Jennifer Fulwiler show (link here) (don't you LOVE the Jennifer Fulwiler show?) sent a bolt right through me. This is one of the things that I feel like I am most failing at right now, both for myself and for my baby:

“Young people don’t know what friendship looks like. (…) Why do you think that is?...”

“Well part of it I think is their parents’ fault. People our age and over who have been busy and on the move and focused on their career, there have been divorces that have fractured communities, and we learn friendship from our parents. We learn what it means to love, and spend time and be real and just to be in community by being in community. And I think as a culture we’ve become so obsessed with making sure we’re getting to all the soccer games or making sure we’ve got the corner office that we’re not taking time to nurture friendships and community. So part of it’s learned. But it’s also social media is a very easy crutch…”

I'm working on it. Do you take the time to nurture friendships?

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