Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kid-friendly kitchen

This is Addie's table in the kitchen... which she doesn't use much... but which I envisioned her using diligently while I cooked and washed dishes... every now and then asking her help to stir something or other.

What really happens is she colors what I set up for her for about 10.5 seconds before furiously coloring the table or the chair... and me yanking the crayons out of her hand, saying "no! on the paper!" She mostly uses the chairs and the table as a means of getting on top of the bigger and more interesting table. Anyway. Someday. This is one of her first drawings.


  1. Julie, We do look at and enjoy your blog. How about covering Addie's table, and maybe the seats of her chairs, with paper: newspaper or butcher paper. Artists like Addie should be encouraged. Thanks for keeping us posted with your blog. from: Ginny and Jim Harrsion

    1. Great idea! Sounds like a lot of experience in Kindergarten. ;) I will try it and let you know how it goes...