Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend at the Algarve

We have had a hard time adapting to a new house, new city and new jobs. Plus, my hubby can't take time off for vacation yet, due to a new contract. So at the (wise) encouragement of our spiritual director, we took a weekend off and went the the Algarve, which is the Southern tip of Portugal. It's known for its beaches, warm weather and British tourists.

We were totally pampered at a great hotel we stayed at. It had access to the beach and was totally kid-friendly, from the glass enclosed balcony (see above) to the plastic cups waiters would bring for kids. It seemed like 99% of people there had kids, which was fun at the beach. I had never seen such a variety of delicious foods at their breakfast and dinner buffets. I had pancakes with chocolate and caramel syrup for breakfast (among other things) and icecream sundaes at dinner. Paradise? It was hard to come back, but we do feel a lot more refreshed.

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