Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stay-at-home-mom... officially. And excited.

I changed my description from "part-time teacher" to "homemaker". Something I've been dreaming about for a while. It feels fabulous to not have to run around like a headless chicken anymore and focus on what I really want to focus on. I have about a million projects/dreams/ideas, but I'm trying to take it easy. 

I wrote about it here:


  1. hello, out of frustration, I searched internet to find some encouraging words about motherhood and ran into your page. Thanks for spelling out importance and immeasurable value of mother's work (as a full time mother). I am a Korean married to an Italian man, have two girls (4 and 7), lived in the US for years till about 2 years ago and now live in Italy. Here in Italy it is unbelievably hard to find an Italian mother who is solely dedicated to raising children. Simply haven't found /couldn't find a mother who I can talk with about motherhood. leaving a 3 month old baby at a day care is considered something normal, I mean as just a matter of choice. What frustrates me most is those who make such choice are very good nice and evey very religious people (I know them because I see even among our relatives). One may think I am overconcerned, but I fear that my girls will not find any right person to marry from this country because here all kids grow up seeing their mother working outside as a norm. Well, am I exaggerating?

    1. Yes, I think Italy is probably similar to Portugal in this. It's not that I thimk working outside the home is a bad option... I'd just like to see more diversity in options and see mine more respected. And yes, have more real, live mothers I could talk to about motherhood. I hear you!