Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Rose cake

Addie was baptized on St. Rose of Lima's day (Aug 23). We went to mass with her godfather that day (in the Algarve), and last Sunday we celebrated with her godmother. I finally succeeded in making frosting.. I think that was a first. And rose frosting at that!

I made this chocolate chiffon cake. I've made it a few times and the last couple it has exploded in the oven... including this time. This time I salvaged it: I cut around it and stuck it in the oven. Next time, I will try not using baking powder and soda, but just the egg whites, like angelfood cake.

The frosting was from the chocolate cake r├ęcipe... with rose essence! I found it in an international store almost a year ago. And I piped the roses on according to these instructions.

It was tiring just to write that all out... but I assure you it was worth it.

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