Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blueberry cake for the Nativity of Mary

Happy birthday (two days ago) Blessed Mother!

I am only now getting into celebrating the liturgical year. I made a blueberry cake with a blue candle... which we didn't end up lighting or singing happy birthday since we shared the cake with some random kids at the park (who were playing with Addie) and got a little shy.

This was the second or third lunch picnic we've had at a park near my husband's new job. It's kind of a lot of work (getting all the food ready, hauling it all down there, etc.), but pretty worth it. Addie was super cranky (she hadn't slept well during her nap) but when I asked, "do you want to go see daddy at the park?" she starting yelling "ya! ya! ya!" with pure glee. She's kind of German with the "ya"s.

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