Wednesday, October 21, 2015



This is a fun sign my sister gave me and my excellent kitchen helper, both things I'm grateful for.

I listened to the shoe shopping section of this Jennifer Fulwiler podcast and really liked what she had to say about gratitude. Gratitude isn't a list of positive things in your life: air conditioning, the sun, family members, etc. If it were so, it wouldn't make sense why some people have so many more positive things than others. Instead, gratitude means knowing you have all you need for your mission in life and being happy for that.

I have a habit of comparing my life to others, as I'm sure everyone does. It does help though when I reflect on the bigger picture, on what will happen after my death. On why I'm here on earth. And I feel grateful for God's history of salvation in the world in general, in the saints' stories I read, in my life and my past.

And then I feel a little better about my present. Grateful for my kitchen sign. And other more important things.

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