Friday, October 16, 2015

She deserves "miminhos"

This is Addie wearing a sticker from the pediatrician that says "mereço muitos miminhos" (I deserve lots of cuddles/love). It's easy to give her "miminhos". Doesn't she look like a doll in this picture? She does in a lot of pictures. And in real life, too.

She is ridiculously cute, with her baby face and funny antics. When she wears her new vest and pom pom hat. When she talks to herself in the baby talk. When she acts all important for doing small things like putting a coin in the collection basket or carrying the bread home when she goes with daddy to get it in the morning.

I am still pinching myself on how we got something so precious to live in our house and tag along with us everywhere. I rationally know and respect how it is just as good for a mother to work outside the home and leave kids in daycare or whatnot... but I don't understand. I guess because I have this incredible need to see to her needs (and wants!) myself. I can't imagine any other job I would rather have than hang out with her during the day. Even if I'm also cleaning or she's playing with other kids. She really is too cute.

So even if I stress out about not doing one third of the things I'd like to do (I've been trying to get digital albums and other things done for MONTHS), I'm happy about developing friendship with her. I read a quote that your mom is your first best friend and I am so honored to be that for her right now.

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