Tuesday, October 06, 2015

On friends and timings

I've been worried about friendship and our social lives for quite a while now, perhaps years. Last year I blamed trying to do too much (including my job) on not being able to meet regularly with people. As soon as I was finally "at home" a couple of months ago, I started worrying about it again, especially for Addie. Now that we were geographically further away from everyone, playgroups seemed a lot harder. I would see a mom at the park with a kid about Addie's age and wonder if I should pounce on her. Want to be my friend? Want to be my friend?

Wisely as always, my spiritual director kept telling me, "just wait. relax." And once I stopped worrying about it (and tried to trust God with it), opportunities arose. We joined a Catholic homeschooling group with kids Addie's age and interesting adults for us to socialize with (see pic above). We bumped into neighbors a block away with a girl Addie's age who invited us out to dinner (and we still haven't gotten around to going... oops!) I talked to and exchanged numbers with the mother of a girl born two days after Addie who live in our same apartment building. I was added to a whatsapp group of stay-at-home moms (even though I don't know them and feel kind of awkward talking to them...). Ah, and I joined a twice-monthly women's prayer group. Now I'm a little overwhelmed by social activities...! And our house isn't even "complete"!

This is just to say I keep learning I should really trust God with my worries and wait for his timing. Easier said than done.

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