Friday, October 02, 2015

Portuguese politics

Election day is Sunday here in Portugal to elect a new prime minister. Apparently it's a big deal (note my enthusiasm for Portuguese politics).

I noticed these billboards a few weeks ago for a political party called "people animals nature", featuring some smiley people, a dog, a pig and a butterly. Not just one in a rural place, but several in busy locations of central Lisbon. Their slogan is "all animals, all the same". I thought to myself, "how does this political party even have enough supporters to print this and hang it up everywhere? what a joke."

Alas, the next weekend at the beach a friend of ours... a normal, college-educated friend of ours, said he was going to vote for one of three parties, one of which was this PAN party. He was completely serious. We made an effort to also put on serious faces. Last week as I was driving home I saw three campaigners plus a dog on a leash walking around my own neighborhood with a PAN flag. Plus, it's the political party with second most "likes" on Facebook.

Last night we looked at some political parties online, one of which was PAN. One of their campaign promises is to push for "menstrual cups" in congress and educate doctors and nurses about them. So as to reduce waste. I don't know what a menstrual cup is nor do I want to know.

I have nothing more to say about Portuguese politics. Thank you.

PS My St. Therese world cake on Catholic Cuisine yesterday

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