Monday, November 02, 2015

Don't buy beds from Ikea

We are in love with our new bed. Technically, you shouldn't love things, but I really, really like it. (I heard in a homily once you should like things, love people, adore God.) We had to get a new one, since our Ikea bed broke (our house is all Ikea... but DON'T BUY THEIR BEDS!). After searching extensively on Pinterest on how to make a comfy bed and spending a bit of money on new sheets, etc.  (and feeling kind of bad about it)... our bedroom finally feels like a sanctuary.

This was the last step I was waiting for before scheduling our housewarming party... which I was planning on doing one month after moving in and it took four months... oh well, I guess that's how plans go.

Here was our broken bed before. Oh, and our light fixtures still to hang up. Because I guess you're never done.

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