Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Lent!

Did you know the word Lent means springtime?
I am excited to start Lent simply and without big expectations or projects (except the million I try to keep finishing... photo albums stop stressing me out!).
Yesterday we made a Lenten prayer box with our homeschooling friends, with forty intentions composed by us. We take out one a day and all four families are praying for the same things.  

"Lent should be a time of beneficial “pruning away” of falsehood, worldliness, indifference: in order not to think that everything is ok as long as I’m ok; to understand that what counts is not the approval of others, or search for success or consensus, but cleanness in one’s heart and in one’s life; in order to rediscover the Christian identity – that is, the love that serves, not the selfishness that is served. Let us set out on this journey together, as the Church, receiving the Ashes and keeping our gaze fixed on the Crucified One. Loving us, He invites us to be reconciled with God and to return to Him, in order to rediscover ourselves." - Pope Francis's Ash Wednesday homily

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