Friday, February 12, 2016


Ever since we came back from California, we've been doing 30-60 min of a more formal "preschool" everyday. Well, we try for everyday. We were super inspired by our friends we stayed with who have a boy the same age as Addie. It has been incredibly rewarding for both of us.

We sing and dance to a song or two to begin, and then we play with Addie's toys together. We've practiced colors, legos, the shape sorter. We color. Her favorite right now is puzzles. I even went out and bought her more puzzles because she is so obsessed.

Then I decided to look up and do more Montessori activities, too. I think it would be helpful to have pictures and a compilation of simple activities (for me!), so I will post them here.

Here is one she liked. You just find two small balls, but them in a big bowl and give them things to scoop with. And pass from one utensil to another. Idea taken from here.

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