Sunday, February 14, 2016

Peanut butter chocolate cake

Happy (St.) Valentine's Day!

I made this spectacular cake from Pioneer Woman here in a heart shape. It's peanut butter cake with chocolate icing and it's every bit as good as it sounds. Next time I won't make it in a heart pan though, but in a longer sheet pan as she suggests to get a better ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. Every dessert recipe I make of hers... if I can pull it off (some are hard!)... turn out to be the best ___(chocolate cake/pie/etc)___ people have tasted.

I am so thankful to have time and mainly peace of mind to make a heart-shaped cake this year. A year ago I remember I was not only teaching part-time, but I had a private tutoring student at home who asked me "what are all these hearts for?". I was trying to do it all and really stressed out. I still try to do it all, but not so stressed out. And super thankful for our family and home.

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