Monday, March 14, 2016

A domestic monastery

This was a set up Addie's godmother had ready for her when we visted her a couple weeks ago. It was so thoughtful. I have been trying to get more visiting in, although it feels like a day's work to visit anyone for just a short while. It's the driving, I can't take it. I dream of a village where everyone I wanted to visit lived very closeby. Or at least lots of neighbor friends for kids to play with, so playdates and playgroups wouldn't feel like such hard, hard work.

Even though it takes five million years to get to someone's house and three months to get through two simple things on my to-do list, I know we are growing as a family. Usually the right kind of growth isn't immediately (or ever) visible. We are building a house on the rock and only when winds come along do you test out the foundation.

I once came across a blog called My Domestic Monastery and, even though I don't read it, I like her blog motto: "When my firstborn was a baby, I realized there was an almost monastic rhythm to our days - work, pray, play sleep." It often feels like I can't get anything "extra" in, whether that be visits, friends over for dinner, crafts, projects, errands, etc. But when all four of us are sleeping well, eating together, praying routinely and having time to play it all seems okay.

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